Casper Oilers Skilz Camps

The Casper Oilers would like to introduce you to our new off-season development program! This is designed to provide our Oiler players an opportunity to stay on the ice throughout the summer months with planned and instructed ice sessions. We encourage and promote all of our athletes to play multiple sports but hockey is especially tough to take four straight months off. There are so many physiological changes that occur in our players at all age groups in the summer months, it’s a great time for them to refine their hockey skills as their bodies are changing. We also don’t want to burn our players out. With the schedule that we have created, we feel we have found the perfect balance of hockey and off-season for both our players and our parents. This program will be offered to our Oiler players in age groups 10U - High School. We also understand the financial dynamic of our sport, we are dedicated to providing superior opportunities to our Oiler players and parents at an affordable cost. This Program will consist of ten plus hours of ice time throughout the summer and will cost each family the amount it costs for roughly one hour of ice! All sessions will be designed and led by Casper Oilers Club Coach Lee and will be supported by other USA Hockey certified Casper Oilers coaches. Please see the attached schedule for all age division dates and times as well as price. Registration will be done through crossbar, at this time being capped at 25 players per division. Make sure to get your registrations in early as you don’t want to miss this opportunity to beat the heat, sharpen those edges, and attack those Summer Skilz!
GOALIES!!! We are not forgetting about our goaltenders. For all Summer Skilz registered goaltenders there will be an additional hour of ice time each week in addition to the age division ice time that will be included at no extra cost once the school year ends. These will be goaltender specific sessions, with goaltender specific skills and tactics being developed. Players must register as goaltenders to be included in this session.
Summer Skilz will run from Monday May 2nd through Thursday July 29th. There will be a couple weeks skipped throughout the summer.
10u- Mondays: 4:15-5:15 P.M.
12U- Tuesdays: 4:15- 5:15 p.m.
14U/ High School - Thursdays: 3:15 P.M.- 4:15 P.M.
Goalies- Tuesdays (6-7-22 through 7-26-22) 9:45 A.M.- 10:45 A.M.
   $175.00/ PLAYER
*Camp eligible only for registered Casper Oiler players
*No ice sessions the week of 6-13-22 and 7-4-22
*Players must register as Goaltenders for extra goalie session
*2nd year 8U players will be considered after an evaluation. Please reach out to Club Coach Lee at to schedule an apt.
*No refunds or credits will be offered for missed ice sessions