What does your player need for equipment to play hockey?

Requirements for all players:

USA Hockey has equipment requirements for all players, which includes:

  • a helmet with face mask
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • breezers (pants)
  • protective cup (boys)
  • shin pads
  • socks (to go over shin pads)
  • gloves
  • skates
  • a stick.

Each player is responsible for ensuring he/she has all the necessary equipment before taking to the ice. If a player does not have all the required equipment, he/she will not be allowed to take the ice per USA Hockey policy.

Equipment rental:

CAHC offers rental equipment packages to our younger skaters. The gear is available for the entirety of the season and can also be rented to facilitate spring and summer skating opportunities. The availability of rental equipment is dependent on current CAHC inventory.

The season equipment rental package costs $50 and includes the following equipment:

  • helmet with face mask
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • breezers (pants)
  • shin pads
  • gloves.

There is a $150 damage deposit (paid by check and post-dated for March 1 near season end) for rental equipment.

Specific items can also be rented for a lesser cost. The rental package does not include jerseys, protective cup (boys), socks (to go over shin pads), skates, or a stick.

House program practice jerseys will be issued to all CAHC players in the first few weeks of the season. The division’s Age Representative will communicate the date for jersey pick up.

Socks in Casper Oilers colors can be purchased at Bush-Wells store or at Play It Again Sports. Skates, protective cup (boys), and sticks can be purchased at Bush-Wells, Play It Again Sports, or any sports store that carries hockey equipment.

Travel tournament team jerseys will be distributed to Travel Tournament team players after the team rosters have been set. The date for travel jersey pick up will be communicated by the division’s Age representative. There is a $25 rental charge (paid upon receipt of the jerseys) and a $100 damage deposit (paid by check post-dated for March 1 near season end) for a set of two jerseys per player (one away jersey and one home jersey).

Please note: The damage deposit check for a travel team jersey set and/or equipment rental will be returned to the player once the assigned jersey set and/or rented equipment is returned. The “Jersey return” and “Equipment return” night will be communicated via email by the division’s Age representative and is held near season end. If a player does not return his/her assigned jersey set and/or the rented equipment, the $100 or $150 damage deposit check will be cashed, and subsequent season registration maybe in jeopardy per CAHC policy.

For more information about equipment, please contact a member of the Club Operations Committee.

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